Are your exams approaching fast? Are you studying or revising at home in preparation? 
Concentrating at home can be tricky. There are lots of distractions and it can be hard to motivate yourself. Don't worry! The team at Tutortoo Potters Bar is here to help. You can do it! 
“We understand that exams are daunting for many students,” explains Atish Mehta of private tuition company Tutortoo Potters Bar." 
“ Our private tutors have lots of experience of helping students to prepare for exams, from 11+ to GSCE and A Level through to degree exams. We’ve come up with a great list of tips which we hope will help everyone who’s getting ready for exams.” 
Creating goals for your studying helps you make the most of your time. They’re great to help you plan your activities and stay focussed. Goals are also incredibly helpful in keeping you motivated as you study. 
Setting Study Goals 
The popular term ‘SMART goals’ refers to the type of goals you should set. Applying these criteria ensures that your study goals are truly helpful: 
Does your ‘to do’ list sometimes seem overwhelming? 
Is it difficult to juggle the demands of lessons, home study and your social life? 
Prioritising your learning tasks can make a huge difference. Your workload becomes organised and clearer, helping you to focus on doing the right things at the right time. 
“Time is precious,” says Atish Mehta of Tutortoo Potters Bar. “It’s important to use it wisely, progressing your studies and also making time for yourself.” 
Our expert team of private tutors help students to get the most out of the time they have available for studying. Here are the tips they offer: 
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