Does your ‘to do’ list sometimes seem overwhelming? 
Is it difficult to juggle the demands of lessons, home study and your social life? 
Prioritising your learning tasks can make a huge difference. Your workload becomes organised and clearer, helping you to focus on doing the right things at the right time. 
“Time is precious,” says Atish Mehta of Tutortoo Potters Bar. “It’s important to use it wisely, progressing your studies and also making time for yourself.” 
Our expert team of private tutors help students to get the most out of the time they have available for studying. Here are the tips they offer: 
1. Break down large tasks. A big project can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you coordinate the various activities involved? Identifying the specific steps that contribute towards your overall project helps make your goal more approachable and achievable. 
2. Review your deadlines. It’s easy to tackle the quicker, easier tasks first leaving the more challenging ones until last. Check the deadlines of your projects to avoid any last-minute pressure. Urgent jobs have close deadlines and need to be prioritised. Important jobs matter, but do not need to be completed straightaway. Be aware that deadlines can creep up on you, changing the status of activities! 
3. Write a to do list. Visually capturing the tasks you need to work on helps to clarify what needs to be done first. Also, it’s very motivating to mark actions as ‘done’! Choose the format that works best for you … your phone, a notebook, a whiteboard … you decide. 
4. Remember your goals. Ensure that your time is being used to progress goals by remembering the bigger picture. This boosts your motivation and helps you measure your progress. 
5. When is your best time? Some people enjoy their best energy and concentration levels in the evening. Other people are early birds performing at their best at the start of the day. Try to schedule your studying for when your energy levels are at their highest. 
Whether you have an hour or just 15 minutes to study, seize the opportunity! Prioritising your learning, online, after school or during home education, will help you achieve your study goals quicker, freeing your time for your favourite people and hobbies. Remember – the person that can make the biggest difference is you! 
We hope these tips are useful and wish you every success with your studies. If some extra support via private tutoring can help, please let us know. 
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