Most of us know that feeling of pressure as a deadline approaches us. If we feel under-prepared or short of time, it can be quite stressful! 
Managing your time ensures that you are on top of your studies and have time to relax and enjoy your hobbies too. “Great time management helps you to feel in control and able to tackle your study tasks, knowing what you want achieve and by when,” explains Atish Mehta of Tutortoo Potters Bar. “It also helps you to attend lessons – whether at school or with your private tutor – on time, making the most of the support and tutor time available to you.” 
Our expert tutor team has compiled a list of time management tips that anyone can try. We did this with our students in mind across all levels, 11+, GCSE and A level. However parents are welcome to use these too – they can help everyone! 
7 Simple Steps to Great Time Management 
1. Use a calendar to understand where your deadlines are, from exams and project submission to social plans. This helps you to plan ahead and feel more organised. 
2. Write a daily ‘to do’ list. This focuses your mind on what you need to achieve today and how this contributes to longer term activities 
3. Avoid multitasking. Focus on one project at a time. You may plan to complete a section of that assignment rather than the whole task. Remember to stick with the current task. 
4. Prioritise urgent work, focussing on the important tasks first. What are your deadlines? Which tasks much be completed first? 
5. Schedule breaks. This is important to maintain your energy and concentration. Revisiting your work after a short break can often help you spot changes and think of fresh ideas. 
6. Create a ‘done’ list. Write a list as you complete work or enjoy crossing items off your to do list. Being able to see how much you’ve achieved can be very motivational! 
7. Set yourself a time limit. Knowing that you have restricted the time available helps your concentration and ensures you make time for relaxation as well as studies! 
Give these tips a go! Let us know which ones work best for you – or tell us how about your time management tricks. We’ll share the best ones on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The more the merrier! 
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