Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) impact on many students’ ability to learn. They can affect behaviour, concentration, ability to socialise, ability to process of information and understand things, co-ordination, physical abilities, and more. 
Schools focus on learning in a certain way, with every student having to fit into the same model. This approach doesn’t acknowledge we are all different and we all learn in different ways. 
At Tutortoo, we recognise that every child has their individual style and requirements. Our specialist SEND tutor team develops a customised learning plan for each student, boosting their confidence and understanding. 


The truth of the matter is: 
Teachers often have had no training in SEND so don’t understand the issues or how to adequately support each student in their classes with SEND. With 30 students in a class, dedicated support is impossible. 
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators in schools are often full-time teachers with only a few hours dedicated to support of children with SEND which is insufficient to meet the needs presented to them. 
School leaders know that they do not have the funding or staff time to provide required support so have to choose which students will receive support and which can cope without so much support. 
Parents turn to the schools for help but only the most tenacious, who won’t let things drop, or whose children are causing a lot of disruption in school, will receive the help and support required for their children. 
Children with SEND fall behind, don’t achieve their potential, feel like they are not very bright because they don’t achieve set educational benchmarks, lose their willingness to learn, become disruptive and are even in danger of exclusion. 
Unfortunately, this combination of factors often leaves parents feeling frustrated and anxious. 
However, support can be available if you know where to look. We can help advise you on this. 


Whilst the process of getting support in place for your child can be precarious, Tutortoo Potters Bar 
can help you: 
by signposting you to organisations for assessments and additional support. 
with communication with the school to get the support and access arrangements your child needs. 
by explaining how to get an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in place where this is possible. 
with guidance on possible funding that you can apply for, depending on the severity of the SEND. 
by walking you through options for schooling or home education so that you can decide what you feel is best for your child. 
by providing you with tutoring services where required with tutors who are qualified and experience in dealing with SEND. 


We have helped numerous parents and children based in and around Potters Bar to get the support they need: 
Jane contacted us about her year 9 daughter with ASD who had been badly bullied and refused to attend school. We worked with Jane, the school, community support and the local authority to get home education in place through a mixture of online schooling and tutoring. Jane’s daughter is now studying towards her A Levels and doing very well. 
Vera contacted us about her year 5 son with ASD who was struggling to reach targets set for SATs. He was getting into trouble at school and receiving no support. We attended meetings at the school and with the local authority to get the correct support in place. This included several hours of TA support in the classroom and access arrangements for exams. He went on to achieve far higher marks in his SATs and his behaviour improved in preparation for starting secondary school. 
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